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Company History

Sandpoint Builders, Inc. has been locally owned and operated since 1984.…

Bruce Wickboldt has been with the company since 2007 and acquired it from the original owners in 2013. Bruce brings to the company over 33 years of combined in-field and office experience and a cohesive relationship with local sub-contractors. Working in the office as well as verifying on-site production, he manages projects from conception to completion. We pride ourselves in providing quality construction through experienced employees and competent subcontractors.

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Company Resume

  • We Specialize in Custom Home Building

    Sandpoint Builders specializes in custom home building, stressing excellence in quality construction. With a great knowledge base, we offer skilled building for a variety of construction styles. We have built contemporary and craftsmen styled custom homes, log homes, town homes, as well as new and remodeled construction, both residential and commercial. Our extensive experience building on both residential lots and a variety of property with acreage has provided the company an excellent rapport with both local banking institutions and area building departments.

  • We Ensure Quality Control

    Our company can ensure quality control over a project because our experienced construction team is involved from start to finish. Our skilled crew members develop the project with the finish in mind, therefore are precise in their execution of every step. Since quality and not quantity has been the company’s motto, we take time to provide quality materials, sub-contractors best fit for the project specifications and solid customer support throughout the project.

  • Excellent Client Relationships Are Important To Us

    Equally important to us is an excellent client relationship. Often our customers are considered close friends at project completion and provide us with repeat business. Continued business has been brought, not through commercial advertisement, but primarily through word of mouth by our satisfied customers and the impeccable reputation we have in the Sandpoint community. We are committed to walking alongside our customers throughout the project, ensuring their project desires are brought to fruition.

  • We Work With All Types Of Clients

    Our extensive client list includes various backgrounds such as CEO’s of million dollar companies, engineers, doctors, bankers/accountants, law enforcement officers, entrepreneurs and attorneys. We have also had the privilege of building for local farmers and the “everyday” person desiring to build a house they can call home. It has been our pleasure to serve our diverse list of customers and help make their building dreams come true. We believe we have been able to please and satisfy them with the services we have provided and the quality construction of their homes. Additionally, we have successfully worked with clients out-of-state and from countries such as Canada and Mexico. We are happy to provide a list of references for client contact information. Feel free to give our customers a call!

Company Business

  • Sandpoint Builders uses “Quick Books Contractor”, one of the best accounting systems in the construction trade. This software is all inclusive and comprehensive, and provides complete labor, material, and sub-contractor tracking. Our contract is proprietary and customized for each client.
  • Billing processes are invoiced bi-weekly or bi-monthly for a bank loan.

  • Change orders are submitted promptly if an amount exceeds contract price.

  • Labor rates are listed in building contract agreement.

  • Profit and overhead is a percentage of all project costs.

  • Projected costs are held by obtaining firm bids from sub-contractors.

  • Payments to sub-contractors require signature of lien releases to protect your project against a mechanical lien.


Sandpoint Builders has an excellent rapport with both local sub-contractors and those outside the immediate area. Sub-contractors are considered to be an extension of our own skilled crew so therefore are only selected based on their quality of work, and their commitment to the project and satisfying the customers. Bruce coordinates directly with the sub-contractors best fitted for the project during the bidding process. He works diligently to obtain the most competitive bids and holds the selected sub-contractors accountable for their commitment to quality with the original forecasted costs in mind. We have long working relationships with many of our sub-contractors which allows us to receive a prioritized schedule. We can count on them to back-up their work to completion. A list of our qualified sub-contractors that are consistently part of our projects is available upon request.